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Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is a simple and successful treatment to lighten the colour of our teeth. Teeth will look discoloured with age and habits such as drinking tea or coffee, red wine and smoking all speed up the process. It is one of our most popular cosmetic treatments.

The end result will be better on mildly discoloured teeth; darker stains may take longer to lighten. Different people achieve different results but everyone sees an improvement to the colour of their teeth.

If you have very sensitive teeth, gum disease, tooth decay or teeth with worn enamel your dentist may not recommend tooth whitening for you.

With whiter teeth you will want to smile more often. Professional tooth whitening is a safe and painless procedure carried out at times to suit you. It is often a better option than crowns and veneers as it will not damage the enamel of your teeth.

The process starts with your dentist examining your teeth to see if you are suitable. Impressions are taken to make comfortable trays. These hold the lightening gel against your teeth, a few sessions at home should get you a sparkling result.

There are different lightening gels available, your dentist will select the best one for your smile. Only natural tooth will lighten, fillings (regardless of colour), crowns, veneers etc. will not change shade.

A root filled tooth can often appear dark compared to the rest of your smile- we have lightening techniques to lighten a darker tooth like this to match in with the rest of your smile.

We can combine whitening with bonding to close small spaces and improve the shapes of certain teeth you are not happy with.

A lighter smile is a younger smile. It can boost your self esteem and confidence to help make a more positive impression on others. We find many of our patients whiten for a special event such as a wedding, function or for their job.



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